Faith and Frontiers – Our 2016 Conference

This is the Press release for our upcoming conference:-

FAITH AND FRONTIERS is the very topical title of this year’s meeting of friends and supporters of Project Bonhoeffer, at Coventry Cathedral’s Centre for Peace and Reconciliation on Saturday 5th November. 

 “ Our conference is being held at a time when, as in Bonhoeffer’s day, it is imperative to bring together in a common purpose all people of goodwill. Here in the UK and throughout Europe, we must stand up for the human rights of the innocent victims of persecution, injustice, war and violence who are today’s asylum-seekers, helping to provide the shelter and support many thousands of them so desperately need until they can return to their homes.”

Geoff Driver of Project Bonhoeffer.

The Coventry conference will have two keynote speakers – both of them influenced by Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s theology and ethics:  Professor Esther Reed of the University of Exeter and Ben Bano, founder of the UK-based refugee welfare organisation Seeking Shelter.

Professor Reed is one of Britain’s leading theologians and her interests include human rights, international law and peace ethics in an ‘age of risk’. As more European states lock out thousands of refugees, turning a blind eye towards their needs, who will care for them – where and how?

Ben Bano, a frequent visitor to camps in Calais and elsewhere in France, will speak about some of the asylum-seekers he has met there, the care and understanding they need after their traumatic experience – and the help and support those who come here to the UK will need to face the social and political pressures involved.



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