Project Bonhoeffer Conference 2019

Press Release- Upcoming Conference on October the 26th

Project Bonhoeffer is proud to announce to its followers, friends and partners that this years Conference, scheduled at the St Georges Conference Centre, Leeds, on October the 26th will be centred around “Faith in Our Democracy Today”.

“Centring the conference around topical issues has been a tradition of Project Bonhoeffer but this year, we feel the need to reconnect with our communities and common values. At a time where polarising politics has come into the mainstream and there is an attitude of purposelessness developing, it is critical that we start generating action and involvement with our democracy: especially amongst the younger people: working from the inspiration of the work and life of Pastor Bonhoeffer 

John Battle, Project Bonhoeffer

Our first keynote speaker will be Professor Tom Greggs of the University of Aberdeen.

Greggs is one of the UKs most outstanding theologians. His work on modern theology has seen him write extensively on the works and ideas of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Greggs is one of the best informed and critical thinkers of how modern theological ideas can thrive in todays multicultural & secular world.

“I must not dream away my earthly life by thoughts of heaven, and thereby evade my lot- that I have to be a sojourner and a stranger- and with-it Gods call into this world of strangers”- Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer 

Additional Information: August 13th 

Project Bonhoeffer has the pleasure of announcing that our upcoming conference has gained an additional speaker; Revd Dr Deidre Brower Latz, Principal of Nazarene Theological College.

Revd Dr Deidre Brower Latz takes particular interest in the ideals of John Wesley, who led the Revivalist movement of the Church of England. Her background includes working pastoral roles in Manchester and urban Bristol, as a youth pastor and later a lecturer. We at Project Bonhoeffer share her interests in engaging poverty and justice particularly rooted at the local level, based on her practical experience in Manchester- Our shared interests and ideals mean we hope this year’s conference will fire up the ideals behind developing a vision for the future and changing communities for the better.



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