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Project Bonhoeffer is proud to have funded the Student Christian Movement Faith in Action Project since 2102 through three phases.

Phase One

In each of three years two recent graduates divided their time between working as interns in secular organisations working for peace and justice and based on those experiences, contributing to SCM’s activities at branch and national level.

2012/3 Joanna Musker worked in ASSIST Sheffield, An Asylum Seekers Support Group

Joanna Musker.

2012/3 Hattie Hodgson Worked in the West Midlands Trafficking Task Force

Hattie Hodeson
Hattie Hodgson

2013/4 Victoria Mason Worked in Concern Universal, An International Development Group

Victoria Mason

2013/4 Stephen Atkinson Worked in Zheroes, Combating Food Waste

Stephen Atkinson

2014/5 Yannick Buditu Worked in the South London Youth Offending Team

Yannick Buditu
Yannick Buditu

2014/5 Jacque Hall Worked in Northampton MIND

Jacque Hall

Phase Two 2015/8

A review of Phase One pointed to the loss of momentum each year as new
interns took up the work and proposed to appoint a full time worker for three
years who would focus directly on the aims of the project to embed it securely
within the whole life of the SCM.

Ruth Wilde Worked Full Time 2015/8

Ruth Wilde
Ruth Wilde

Phase Three

A review of Phase Two agreed that Faith in Action could be better delivered by
including it in the responsibilities of all of the increasing number of SCM
Regional Staff. One of their number would be the lead worker for Faith in Action.

Emma Temple Began in June 2018

Emma Temple
Emma Temple

The Aims of the Project Are:

  • To increase the theological literacy of students and recent graduates and their understanding of Bonhoeffer and the meaning of Christian discipleship.
  • To enable students and recent graduates to reflect on their experience of life, work and study.
  • To develop the skills and confidence of students and recent graduates to challenge the structures of injustice and to be leaders of social and political transformation.
  • To enable students and recent graduates to think creatively about faith, injustice and social action and to share their thoughts and ideas more widely through writing and speaking.

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