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bonhoeffer quote to friend eberhardt bethge

This was for Bonhoeffer the way he had come to see his own Christian faith – not as a self-centred experience of personal piety and pain – and problems, but arising from sharing selflessly in God’s suffering. This for Bonhoeffer is how Jesus’s suffering and death on the Cross, in which Christians are called to share, leads to the triumphant restoration of loving relationships and an end to human suffering in the here-and-now world of today.

Following the discussion at our 2014 Bonhoeffer Day Conference, some key questions arise about on what the call to discipleship means for Christians today – individually and collectively.

  • How are they to present the message of the ‘good news’ of the Gospel to people ‘without religion’?
  • In what ways can the Christian message of salvation be meaningful to a world ‘without religion’?
  • What does it mean to speak of the Lordship of Christ in this ‘religionless’ generation?
  • What does ‘living life ‘to the full’ really mean and why is it important to people today?

Given that these questions, first posed by Bonhoeffer, are significant and important, what do the answers to them imply for Christians today?

Project Bonhoeffer exists to take forward the examination of these ideas through discussion and debate. Hopefully our website will provide a valuable  means to report on that to a wider public