“Becoming Simple and Wise; Moral Discernment in Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Vision of Christian Ethics” by Joshua A Kaiser – a review

The best way to read “becoming Simple and Wise”, a scholarly book of subtly developed distinctions based on a doctoral thesis, is to take it personally. Kaiser proposes that in his life and works Dietrich Bonhoeffer is trying to understand how can I as  a Christian understand God’s will for … Continue reading

Bombing, Terrorism and Solidarity

On the 13th November, 130 people were murdered in Paris by terrorists linking themselves to the organisation Daesh (IS). As a direct response to those attacks, the UK government recently voted to extend airstrikes into Syria. Is the UK government’s response going to lessen the threat of terrorism? Many experts … Continue reading

Chairman’s Report for the year ending 31 October 2014

During the year under review, the second since Project Bonhoeffer was formally incorporated, the Board of Trustees met as planned three times in different cities in the country ( to reflect our nation wide reach) to conduct routine project management business in accordance with the Trust’s aims and objectives. Our … Continue reading

Staying Awake in Gethsemane – Bonhoeffer today

In an essay entitled “Bonheffer’s Christological Take on Vocation” Lori Brandt Hale writes “In July 1944, one day after the conspiracy’s failed attempt on Hitler’s life( but unbeknown to Bonhoeffer) Dietrich wrote an important letter to his friend and confidant Eberhard Bethge : “Later on I discovered , and am … Continue reading