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Project Bonhoeffer was set up in 2012 by a small group of friends who, remembering the impact of Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s life and ideas on their own thinking as young Christians fifty years ago, felt it was important to convey something of that experience to young Christians today.

Project Bonhoeffer is there to provide opportunities for them to think and to act – reflecting on faith… and in doing something about it in the context in which they feel called to serve.

This we call the Bonhoeffer Challenge.

silence-quote-360x79pxAny reading of Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s writing quickly shows that he asks fundamental questions and sets up critical challenges for himself and indeed for all of us. “Who is Christ?”, he asks, “and how do we proclaim his Lordship in a world where Christianity no longer gives authority to the political, social and cultural establishment of society in the way it did throughout the centuries of Christendom.” Simultaneously, he proceeds to enunciate a theology that has Christ at its centre through which today’s humankind can become all that it was created to be.


We are a small independent charity with limited resources yet seeking to offer opportunities and experiences for some of today’s generation of young Christians to explore the meaning of their faith – and to live out that faith individually and collectively as they are called to do. There are no paid staff and the Trustees meet regularly and undertake all the activities of the charity.


We have limited resources so we choose to work in partnership with organisations that already have aims and objectives close to those described above.

We do this through

  • supporting special events / conferences about Bonhoeffer
  • sponsoring individual projects relevant to our aims
  • backing outreach initiatives that engage with Bonhoeffer’s challenging approach to Christian faith and discipleship.

We have especially worked with the Student Christian Movement here in the UK.


The current trustees of Project Bonhoeffer are:-

John Battle

Geoff Driver

Rachel Muers

Alan Deacon

Margaret Halsey

Mike West